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Mika and Sammie

Hello, we are Mika and Sammie,

we are both 1 year old, Sammie is one month older and we are actually half brothers! 

We are Siberian cats and were adopted from a breeder.

We love food! tuna is our favorite, but we secretly like dairy products too ( but unfortunately we can't have any because it will make our tummies aches   :( ).

We love to play. Toys with feathers are our favorites, but we also like to wrestle and we love to play with catnip-filled toys. You should try it too!

When we get tired, cuddling with our pawrents is something we really enjoy. 

Head rubs and toe massages are a must after a long day!

We don't like sudden loud noises or movement, it will scare us. We also don't like it when our mom tries feeding us vegetables and we hate getting medicines or having our teeth brushed.



What we do love, is making new friends!

We also love being in front of camera, so we have our own Instagram account, which is: thefluffysiberians . We think our mom spends way too much time on the account and she should spend the time playing with us, but we made a lot of new friends on Instagram!

we hoped you enjoyed reading about us!

Lots of love,

Sammie & Mika.

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